26 October 2008

What are intentional media?

They’re videos, interactive experiences, games, print and transmedia environments that invite, excite, engage and effectively deliver a message. They’re intelligent, explicit and insidiously fun. They’re media products that get the job done.

The Center for Intentional Media
  • provides media producers with the knowledge they need to create rock-solid intentional media
  • engages children across the globe in media experiences of superior quality
  • develops original audiovisual and interactive properties
  • works to advance understanding of intention and effects in new and conventional media
Founded in 2005 by Russell Miller--writer and filmmaker, educational psychologist, and veteran of intentional media shops from Sesame Workshop to The New York Times to Harvard University, the Center advances excellence in media through three distinct task units:
  • Intentional Thinking, providing research and educational outreach to the media production community,
  • Intentional Access, aggregating and distributing educational, non-commercial, archival and experimental media from all over the world through our digital delivery service, Wonderreel®, and
  • Intentional Pictures, developing and producing media projects for children, adolescents and the grownups who love them.